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Why do members clubs often require a more advanced till?

Running a members club of any sort can be a complex process having to deal with membership renewals and expiry dates to name a few. Managing all of these things (and more!) without the right equipment can be challenging and stressful – which is why you need a customer members card system and membership software in place.

By opting for a specialist epos till such as the bespoke ones we provide at TillPoint, you can ensure that you have all the features you need in one place. This reduces the need for record taking by hand and provides a simple system which is easy to use and will help you with keeping on top of business!


Benefits of investing in quality membership software

You can pick up a fairly inexpensive till from an array of places, but how much will it actually help you? It is likely that a cheap till will only have the basic features, and it could be slow and provides very little information.

If you own or manage a member’s club of any sort, whether it be a sports facility or any other type of club, you will need additional features on your epos till to make your life easier. The membership software we can add to our tills includes features such as pre-paid accounts, age restricted products, membership expiry dates and photo ID checks.

Want to add promotional features to your tills? We can even add club management software which will allow you to offer discounts, manage ‘members only’ pricing, have a loyalty card system in place, and offer targeted promotions.

Think your members club could benefit from one of our advanced epos till systems? Give us a call on 01246 435004 to find out more, or to arrange a free demonstration.


Own a members or sports club?

Here at TillPoint, we already provide Epos systems with integrated advanced membership software to many social, working mens, leisure and sports clubs, so we have the experience to ensure you have everything you need in place when you use our tills. Our advanced systems allow you to easily manage your point of sales and promotions without the need for hiring or outsourcing specialist personnel.

Here are just some of the loyalty features that a member’s club could enjoy:
• Members Cards
• Member & Non-Member Pricing
• Function Room Pricing
• Customer Search Facility
• Expiry Dates on Customer Cards
• Start and expiry dates reporting
• Customer balance and spend reporting
• Pre- loaded Cards (introduce a cashless system)
• Facility to Blacklist Members

Ability to offer members promotional discounted products, whether it be a Happy Hour for a set day/time period or a 3 for 2 offers on a specific product
Introduce loyalty schemes to your regular customers to keep them coming back.
Offer new customers a signing up discount.

Reduced pricing can be set up for members whilst non-members still pay standard rates.
Further price tiers can be setup for function rooms. (i.e. Weddings, funerals etc.)
Introducing different prices structures encourage more people to become members.
Improves profitability.

A points system allows members to earn points based on the products they buy, or money spent which can be redeemed against future purchases.
Offer extra points on specific items or at specific times i.e. January to encourage more people to visit
Reward members points as prizes i.e. Quiz Winners

Customers can add money to their membership cards at the bar without the need to use cash machines.
A cashless setup can also be a great move to save customers carrying around coins and notes.
Going cashless provides a simple way to improve efficiency, speeding up the pace at which payments can be taken and improving communication between front and back of house.
Maintains a good cashflow.

With the addition of Cloud Back Office to control members, targeted email promotions can be sent based on customers spend and other customer information such as birthdays.

Manage expiry dates, so that members have to renew their membership annually.

When a card is swiped at the TouchPoint till the member’s photo can be displayed confirming the identity of the holder.
This ensures that the right person gets served, no members share their cards with non-members and stolen cards aren’t used.

At the point of sale the system is fast and easy to use, the touch-screen till speeds up service, helping minimise queues at the bar and maximize sales volume during peak periods. In addition to memberships with variable pricing, simple ticketing and room hire charges can all be accommodated. For food service, kitchen printers can be used to streamline operations.

Secure login devices or “Staff Cards/Dallas Keys” identify staff members using the tills. With a full audit trail of all their transactions, corrections and refunds are easily traced, helping to minimise misuse, theft and shrinkage.
Live stock count down can be enabled so you can keep a close eye on stock levels and wastage.