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Why do members clubs often require a more advanced till?

Running a members club of any sort can be a complex process having deal with membership renewals and expiry dates to name a few. Managing all of these things (and more!) without the right equipment can be challenging and stressful – which is why you need a loyalty card system and membership software in place.

By opting for a specialist epos till such as the bespoke ones we provide at TillPoint, you can ensure that you have all the features you need in one place. This reduces the need for record taking by hand and provides a simple system which is easy to use and will help you with keeping on top of business!

Benefits of investing in quality membership software

You can pick up a fairly inexpensive till from an array of places, but how much will it actually help you? It is likely that a cheap till will only have the basic features, and it could be slow and provides very little information.

If you own or manage a member’s club of any sort, whether it be a sports facility or any other type of club, you will need additional features on your epos till to make your life easier. The membership software we can add to our tills includes features such as pre-paid accounts, age restricted products, membership expiry dates and photo ID checks.

Want to add promotional features to your tills? We can even add club management software which will allow you to offer discounts, manage ‘members only’ pricing, have a loyalty card system in place, and offer targeted promotions.

Think your members club could benefit from one of our advanced epos till systems? Give us a call on 01246 435004 to find out more, or to arrange a free demonstration.

Own a sports club?

Here at TillPoint, we already provide Epos systems with integrated advanced membership software to many leisure and sports clubs, so we have the experience to ensure you have everything you need in place when you use our tills. Our advanced systems allow you to easily manage your point of sales and promotions without the need for hiring or outsourcing specialist personnel.

Needing membership software? Then we can help!

Does managing your members club cause you stress and unnecessary costs? By investing in a quality system which has everything you need to run even the most complex clubs and that will stand the test of time, you can ease the work for yourself and your employees. Get in contact on 01246 435004 to speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable team about your options.