Epos / Cash Register / Credit Card Rolls

The types of rolls and ribbons available are:

  • Thermal Rolls
  • Plain Rolls
  • One-ply / Two-ply Paper
  • PDQ Rolls
  • Cash Register / Kitchen Printer Ribbons
  • Ink Rollers
  • Labels

Membership / Loyalty Card Design

We can create, design and print various cards for your business. All our cards are designed and encoded for FREE

The types of cards we design are:

  • Membership Cards
  • Loyalty Cards
  • Staff ID Cards
  • Gift Cards

Software Only Installation

We can install ICRTouch software on your existing Epos system, ruling out the cost of purchasing new hardware.

Repair / Service Centre

  • On-site & Workshop Drop-in Service
  • Loan Machine Available (on all repairs if required)
  • Free Estimates
  • Service Agreements (monthly & annually)
  • Regular Equipment Servicing
  • Battery Testing & Replacement

Programming & Set up Services

  • Reprogramming (of existing equipment)
  • Set-up & Staff Training (of existing equipment)


We supply all the accessories you need to help secure and maintain your equipment:

  • Note Detectors
  • Under Counter Money Safes
  • Cash Drawer Cash Guards
  • Note Slot Cash Drawers
  • Dallas Keys
  • Staff Cards 
  • Coin Counters (can be combined with note counters)
  • Note Counters (can be combined with coin counters)
  • Wetcovers (available for all makes and models) 

 Give us a call on 01246 435004 or send us an email to place your order…

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