Streamline Your Service with The CollectionPoint Point of Sale Display System


If you work in the restaurant or takeaway business, then you will know that technology has long been a major part of keeping restaurants running smoothly and efficiently. Now, the new system that is sweeping the nation is known as CollectionPoint. This order display system is the new way of controlling queues, keeping customers happy, and ensuring an efficient food service.

Takeaway POS systems and restaurant displays are helping to transform the way we serve our customers, and the way we, as customers, are served when we order food and drink.

So, what is CollectionPoint, how does it work, and why could it be the perfect system for your restaurant?


Collection Point EPOS Example

What is the CollectionPoint point of sale display system?

In short, CollectionPoint displays show the customers’ orders on screens, detailing how far along their orders are, and how long they will have to wait. The screens are also commonly used as advertising platforms, as there is plenty of screen space to advertise new menus, new dishes, new styles, your services, etc. You could also use the advertising element to advertise different businesses, thus increasing your advertiser revenue.

CollectionPoint has proven to be extremely beneficial for any kind of restaurant and takeout service. These are just a few of the ways in which the CollectionPoint point of sale display system could help your restaurant or takeout service:


It reduces queues

During the dinner or lunch rush, there is nothing worse than not being able to hear your customers due to the intense amount of people that are competing for a space right at the till.

Not only does it make the employees feel overwhelmed, but it also makes for a poorer experience for the customers, can prolong their waiting time, and entails more errors regarding misheard orders, wrongful order queues, etc.

With the CollectionPoint point of sale display system, all your customers will need to do is place their order, then go sit or wait further behind, knowing that the information that they require will be easily available to them on the screens. This ensures that queues are significantly reduced, thus helping the employees to do their jobs more efficiently, and keeping the customers satisfied.


It increases advertiser revenue

Whereas many restaurants and takeout services use CollectionPoint to advertise their own menus, new dishes, refurbishments, promotions, etc., they may also use the advertising space on the screens to increase their own advertiser revenue.

With the amount of people that will come into your restaurant or takeaway service on a regular basis, and with the frequency and length of time for which they will be looking intently at your screens, that is definitely prime advertising space. You can use it to advertise local businesses, companies, etc., thus increasing your advertising revenue.


It helps you keep track of your orders

As easy as it is to keep track of orders generally, there are always those customers that miss their order, which can lead to bigger problems. That is why the CollectionPoint system has been designed to help you keep track of the missed orders as well, simply by using the remote control.


Collectionpoint by icrtouch

How does the CollectionPoint point of sale system work?

The CollectionPoint system connects directly to the TouchPoint till, meaning that once the order goes through, the system will automatically keep track of the process, thus informing the customer. It will notify the customer on the screen about the current status of their food by reading “Cooking”, “Preparing”, or “Ready”.

Then, the customer will be able to estimate how long it will take for their food to be ready based on the speed of the previous orders.

Moreover, should the user require it, CollectionPoint also comes with an audio call out (which can also be turned off if not required). The audio call out system comes in multiple languages and accents, to suit any place and any style.

It is a highly efficient system that can significantly reduce queues and improve efficiency (as there will be far fewer customers frequently asking how long their food will be and how long they have to wait).

Then, once the order is ready, all you need to do is notify your TouchPoint till as you finish the order ticket, and it will automatically send a notification to CollectionPoint, which will, in turn, announce on the screen that order X is ready.

But what if the customer misses their order? No problem. CollectionPoint allows for the user to easily keep track of missed orders by way of the remote control. You can easily recall any missed orders simply with one button.

Finally, it is important to know that CollectionPoint is completely customisable. There are multiple styles and designs to choose from, ensuring that the style of your screens matches the design of your restaurant. You can make CollectionPoint completely your own, and keep your restaurant up to date with the new technology, and running even more efficiently than before.

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Is it worth investing in the CollectionPoint point of sale display system?

As you can see, the CollectionPoint system can bring countless benefits to your restaurant. You can reduce queues, improve your employee’s efficiency, improve your customer satisfaction, and generally make the experience in your restaurant or takeaway service better for everyone.

With that in mind, CollectionPoint is absolutely worth investing in. The system will help to modernise your restaurant and will easily be able to keep up with any changes to design, menus, promotions, etc., that you make to your business, ensuring that the system will be with you for as long as you need it.


Why choose TillPoint for your CollectionPoint system?

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