How Can Professional Membership Card Design and Staff Card Design Benefit Your Business?

Have you ever thought about what you could put into a unique membership card design or staff card design?

When it comes to giving exclusive offers and deals to your customers and clients – as well as staff members – there’s often nothing better than a membership card scheme. Membership cards can offer holders the chance to access money off deals, exclusive new products and more benefits besides.

Membership cards, despite the fact that we are moving more and more into a digital age, are always going to be popular. Creating your own membership card design and staff ID card design with top printing resources will ensure that you always have a stack available to give out to those who want to access big deals and money off at short notice.

Let’s take a closer look at why membership card designs and printing could make a massive difference to your business and the way you reach out to customers and staff.



membership card design by Tillpoint

Membership Cards are Unique to You

It’s safe to say that membership cards are going to be your own unique creation. It’s one of the biggest reasons why even the smallest of businesses invest in them! You can pick your own colours, print your own logos, and even add your own contact details to the front.

You can choose to make them as vibrant and as eye-catching as you want, so that membership users always know which cards to pick up and use whenever they head to your restaurant, bar, club or establishment.

Many of us have wallets and bags full of cards and fobs, so it makes sense to ensure that your membership card designs need to stand out from the rest. Otherwise, you’re going to end up getting swept adrift in a sea of other membership and ID fobs.

With the best membership card designs available for printing, you can be sure to bring that perfect ID or staff card design to life, with your own looks and styles ready to print and ship whenever you want or need to send them.


Easy to Use

One of the main reasons why membership cards are still so popular is that they are really easy to use. While there are cards out there which you can download and use digitally, not everyone enjoys using them! It’s often much easier for some people to just reach into their bags and jackets to present cards that you can scan.

Easy to Connect

On the other side of things, cards such as staff IDs and membership cards are very easy to connect to tills and POS systems. With the best EPOS, you can easily link up barcode scanning cards to bring up a wealth of information before your eyes. There’s no need for you to have to enter in any confusing or time-consuming information. Everything you need to see and need to know is right there in front of you.

Therefore, when considering a staff card design, you should keep in mind that ease of use is absolutely the name of the game. Your card should be easy to spot and ready to pull out at any time.

Great for Promotion

While membership and staff card holders will already be well aware of your services to want to hold a card, there’s still a really good chance for you to get free publicity on the card template designs you print. Not only do these cards offer fantastic access to offers, discounts and access to facilities, but they will also continue to advertise your business for you long after you hand them out.

Raise Brand Awareness

Think of them as somewhat like business cards. This is in the sense that brand awareness of your service and membership product will spread far and wide without you having to set up any kind of additional advertising campaign or marketing service. With your card always available on a staff member or visitor’s person, you are continuing to advertise them, constantly, throughout everyday life.

There’s also a great chance for you to learn how to add logos and details for sponsors, as well as your own contact information, on your cards. This means that, once again, you can make sure that your advertising travels that little bit further.

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Establishing Your Identity

It might not seem immediately obvious that something as simple as membership card printing is going to leave that much of a mark on your brand or brand marketing strategy. However, you’d be surprised at how often this actually is the case. You’re going to be able to create consistent brand colours, print your logo, and establish your ethos in minimal way. Providing you tie your design in with your other existing brand promotional materials, there are no reasons why the best membership card designs won’t help you go places.

There is also the fact that the best membership card templates and designs around will be professional and presentable. When you choose a professional ID card or membership card printing service, you are immediately imprinting your signature look and service on a resource that is not only memorable, but which gives off the impression that you are a professional service. Of course – we all know that is what you already offer as standard!

A design goes a long way – and cards are already fantastic for easily allowing people access to the services they demand from you. Why not go all out and create a design that’s appealing and memorable?

Create Your Membership Card Design

Whether you are looking for top membership card design or a new staff ID card design to help your team scan in and out of premises and claim deals and offers, it makes sense to get the printing done with a professional firm. Till Point is ready to help you link up membership cards and designs with fantastic EPOS resources and inspiration.

Make things easier on your clients, staff, and members – and at the same, save your time, never stop promoting your business! Get in touch with us now on 01246 435004 to find out more about top membership card designs and printing you can be proud of – for less than you might expect to pay.