Why Introduce Customer Loyalty Software to Reward Returning Customers?


Nowadays, many businesses are investing in customer loyalty software to reward their returning customers – and the reason for doing so should be immediately obvious.

By rewarding your loyalty to your business, you will help grow your enterprise and revenue, maintain success, and stay ahead of the competition. Thanks to EPOS systems, you can create and maintain customer loyalty cards and rewards with a streamlined, end-to-end data capture service.

Remember, customers are crucial to the longevity and success of any front-facing business. By giving your customers a little more for their money, you’re sure to keep them coming back for more – and to encourage referrals and recommendations, too. At Till Point, we strive to offer technology that helps to keep you and your customers on the same page when it comes to loyalty programs and available perks.


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Build longer lasting relationships with your customers

New customers are essential to any business; however, you will always need return customers – who are happy and want more from you – for a business to remain successful. Otherwise, you are at risk of endless turnover that’s difficult to keep pace to.

There is no better way of ensuring that your customers will return than by showing them that there is genuine value in it for them. Aside from improving your product standards, providing reductions, vouchers, and so on will encourage your customers to return, knowing that they will get more for their money.

This will help to promote longer lasting relationships between you and your customers – the more you reward them, and the longer you keep it going, the more likely they are to keep coming back again and again.

Making reward programs available to as many people as possible, too, increases the size of your net. That way, even if your customers are not local, if ever they return or indeed even visit another possible branch elsewhere, they will remain loyal to your brand.


Personalise your service

Customers demand more than just exceptional service and standard quality. They demand a more personal, direct service – that’s tailored to their needs and wants. With customer loyalty software set up through EPOS, you can be sure to tailor each and every visit to specific customer needs.

Customer data capture (which patrons will agree to for obvious legal reasons) will ensure that you can build clear profiles for individual visitors. This not only means that you can deliver personalised or tailored deals and perks to them, but that you can also tailor and tweak your services based on their engagement with you.

The more customers revisit your operation, the better the profile you’ll get. This data, aggregated, can be used to fine-tune marketing and sales opportunities for years to come. It’s a safer option for you to ensure you’re never making assumptions. What’s more, your customers immediately feel better valued.


Stay ahead of the competition

A big part of competing with those around you will come from how you treat your customers. However, in order to stay ahead, it is always wise to offer promotions, better value for money, vouchers, etc.

This way, customers old and new will be more likely to come to your business than they would a business that never promotes anything. This is a crucial link that, too, will show patrons that you care deeply about their experiences, and what they are looking for when they visit you.

With a comprehensive customer retention program, your customers will be able to receive regular updates from you, keeping them informed of any new promotions and vouchers enticing them to return to your business, especially over others. Participating members of your custom loyalty scheme can opt in to receive SMS, email and even app alerts about the latest offers.

Any customer receiving an enticing deal is likely to visit you over a competitor that’s barely reaching out to them. Show your customers that you care, and that you’re willing to go the extra mile – without directly putting your rivals in the shade, of course!

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Loyalty and word of mouth = sustainable marketing

Marketing is increasingly expensive – and in many cases, loyalty schemes don’t get the attention they deserve. However, they happen to be among on the most valuable marketing tools you will ever use.

word of mouth marketing

Customers want to feel valued. Instead of cold-pitching or advertising directly to them, you are rewarding them for their continued custom. With the best customer loyalty software, you can keep track of engagements and can ensure your visitors always receive as personal an approach as possible.

From here, you can simply rely on word of mouth. Your customers may be likely to visit your business with friends, colleagues, family members – the list goes on. If those around them see just how rewarding your experiences are, the numbers just keep stacking up. All you have to do is keep track of increasing customer profiles and loyalty rates through a single, simplified piece of software via EPOS.

Keeping track of loyalty marketing through EPOS and dedicated software helps to simplify this side of business operations to a huge extent. Many business owners are put off setting up loyalty schemes simply because the administrative effort can be immensely time-consuming. However, with a specialised loyalty suite through EPOS, all the data and control you need is right at your fingertips.



Whatever your plan, customer retention software will change the way you appeal to current customers, and entice new visitors. It will help you to keep track of your loyal customer profiles, dispatch promotions and keep track of your more complex marketing attempts.

Whether you use customer loyalty cards, apps, or simple voucher codes, using an EPOS system will help you to manage your customer loyalty from a single point of access. That – of course – is where our team is always on hand to help.

Till Point is a leading UK EPOS systems provider and has helped to provide customer loyalty software to expand interest in a variety of industries.

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