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Epos system for restaurant or Café

There is a huge importance for a quality epos system for a restaurant or café, as there often needs to be a simple way of connecting your till to handheld ordering systems. This can be hugely time-saving compared to the traditional pen and paper method of taking orders and can also help to keep track of orders and stock.

Additional features can be added to your restaurant pos systems to make the process of taking orders and payments that much easier, including real time status updates to keep staff informed of which tables are free, and a digital diary for taking reservations. We can also customise your epos system so it works with your floor plan, making it easy to input table numbers and to keep track of several floors.

Having an epos system for your restaurant also enables you to add our feature ‘TouchLoyalty’, which allows you to add a loyalty scheme for your customers with member discounts and loyalty points based on how much they spend with you.

Kids play areas

A kids play area will often require an efficient booking system for taking admission fees, as well as a system for taking drink and food orders. Each facility is slightly different, which is why we offer bespoke epos systems to suit your requirements – whether you want to add special offers, discounts for certain party sizes or any other additional features.

Hotel till

Having an accurate and fast booking system is essential for businesses operating in the hospitality industry. It allows you to easily take bookings for people face to face, over the phone or even online, without the worry of double booking.

We can design a system for your hotel which has all the features you will need, including a record of all your room numbers and when they are booked. This will ensure that you know exactly which rooms are available for which dates, to ensure that you provide an excellent service for your customers prior to and during their visit.

In the hospitality industry and looking for a till system?

Whether you are looking for an epos system for a restaurant, café, hotel or play area – we can design a till which suits your operations. With added features to suit a range of different industries, such as a restaurant till which is connected to handheld ordering tablets, we can ensure that keeping up with orders at your establishment is as easy as possible.

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