What Are the Benefits of Renting a Till?

Portable Card MachineWhen running a busy pub, bar, or restaurant, it’s fair to say you’ll probably have a few periods where you could do with a little more help. Even in pandemic times, it’s safe to expect more people to visit you at weekends, during big sporting events, and leading up towards the end of the year. Sometimes, it might work out best for you to invest in a new till system to cope with increasing demand – but believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to renting a till instead!

While buying an epos till is a great investment, if you run a small establishment and are likely to notice a temporary uptick in custom, it might be all the more valuable for you to look into till rental instead. Epos rental will offer you all the bells and whistles you’d expect from setting up a permanent system, but without the need for you to make space in either your budget or at your premises.

What are some of the other benefits you might want to consider when you rent a till? Let’s take a close look.


Great for Temporary Rushes

As mentioned, some hospitality and leisure businesses are likely to see big interest come and go during certain times of year. For example, it’s not unheard of for pubs to increase their till capacities when football tournaments such as the World Cup roll around.

However, once the World Cup is over and done with, the pub is left with an extra till that costs money to run, and which is taking up serious space in the bar. What’s more, it’s collecting dust. Was it really worth shelling out for a permanent fixture just for a temporary tournament?

It’s easy to think that the only way you can set up a till is on a permanent basis. However, this is never the case. With till rental, you can set aside temporary space for an epos unit and hire it for as long as you require. You only ever pay for the time you need it for. Therefore, you could rent a till for the summer, and downsize again once September rolls around. It’s worth keeping in mind when the Euros come around next year from their pandemic delay.


Fantastic for Startups

Smaller businesses, naturally, will have smaller budgets than most to work from, at least to begin with. Therefore, they may not have the capital available to invest in a full epos till system outright. That’s why till rental might make perfect sense while you continue to find your feet.

Startups can rent tills to cater to their immediate needs while they are assessing what their overall usage is likely to be over time. If demand projections go above what they expect in the long run, they can look to invest in a solid till system to support them over time.

What’s more, when you rent a till, you get to consider whether it is worth investing in the long run. It is, effectively, a great way to ‘try before you buy’. Instead of throwing yourself into an expensive till system which may not work for you in the long run, rent a till and see how much of a difference it could actually make. Again, you can rent tills on a temporary basis, meaning that you set the terms and the parameters. It’s a flexible way to experience epos for the first time, too.


Superb for Temporary Businesses

Renting a till can be great for seasonal work like this Xmas stall

Pop-up businesses are becoming more and more commonplace, particularly around bigger celebrations across the year. For example, Christmas markets will largely benefit from setting up tills and commerce systems that they don’t have to fully invest in. After all, who’s to say that they are going to need the till after the Christmas season is over? You might want to keep hold of it for next year, but as with all businesses of this nature, there may not be any guarantee of when and where you will return.

That’s why till rental could work out more cost-effective for you in these circumstances. Instead of having to invest in physical equipment to store and reuse, you could simply set up a till rental agreement and pay for the period in which you actually need the service. This means that you simply give the till back at the end of the season. It’s a great way to save money and to cut down on the amount of equipment you need to keep in storage.

Rent a till for a temporary business and you can still offer your customers and guests that basic conveniences of epos commerce – only without the hassle of having to tie yourself down!


Should You Be Renting a Till?

If you are in the process of growing your business and believe that buying an epos till outright is a sound investment, you should absolutely proceed. However, there are some circumstances through which renting a till instead will leave you with less on your plate, and less money coming out of your bank account.

At Till Point, we provide a wide variety of till rental and epos rental services. We believe that all businesses – big, small, permanent, or temporary – should take advantage of the best in modern customer care and support. That all starts at the till, so why not take advantage of a leading system on a temporary basis?

If you are considering making life easier for your staff and customers, rent a till before you buy one of your own. This way, you’ll know how to fit it easily into your regime and can start upscaling your operation more efficiently.

Rent a till from Till Point today  – take a look at our bespoke options and services. Let us know what you need, and how long you need it for. Reach out to our team either via telephone or email us with any specific queries you may have. Make slow service a thing of the past, even on a temporary basis!