Why Choose TouchStock as Your Stock Management System?

Here at Till Point, we work with a wide variety of different software and hardware solutions to help make everyday transactions that little bit easier to manage. In the modern age, whether you are running a storefront, a pub, a restaurant, or a takeaway, you are going to need to make sure that you have the tools and systems available to help process orders as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

Till Point is proud to work with TouchStock, a stock management system that allows you to keep a constant check on your stock levels behind the scenes. This will not only help you to budget effectively but also help you provide customers with clear answers and actions to help solve their queries.

But what is it about the stock control system through TouchStock which makes it so popular with our clients and customers? Let’s take a look at a few of the features and facilities you’ll likely find appealing for your own business and hospitality needs.


It’s Mobile Stock Management at Your Fingertips

Mobile stock management is quickly leading the way when it comes to arranging and taking charge of all kinds of stock and inventory, and Touchstock handles data effortlessly. You can connect Touchstock to Android devices, meaning that all you and your team will ever have to do is load up the app on your phones or tablets and take full control of what’s available.

When you sync Touchstock to your system, you can easily update your stock levels, create orders, reliably check deliveries, check inventory item by item, etc. You can also measure for waste and prepare for any additional items heading your way. This is going to be especially useful when you need to plan ahead of busy periods, such as over Christmas and New Year, when you may be likely to see a larger uptake in orders than ever before.

TouchStock also syncs with TouchOffice Web, too, meaning you can keep an even closer eye on your operation via browser.

But how does this all work? How can TouchStock help you keep track of so many items and so many important pieces of stock through such a simple interface?


It’s All About Scanning

Using mobile scanning, TouchStock scans barcodes in your inventory one product at a time. This means that once your order arrives, Touchstock can scan each item, allowing you to take quick stock with reliable records and numbers as and when they need to update.

What’s more, you can make a point of accounting for wastage each time you scan. Again, this is going to be particularly useful when you need to refer to such data at a later date. It also means that you can revolutionise the speed and effectiveness of your stock-taking, meaning that there is less time wasted simply keeping track of what’s in and what’s out.

An ePOS system is all well and good, but TouchStock really takes POS tech to the next level. There’s no longer any need for you to cement yourself in one position, or to spend hours meticulously counting each product one by one. The risk of human error is removed!

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Quicker Stock Takes On Demand

Many people working in retail will dread doing stock takes. This is because, traditionally, they take a lot of time and effort. There is a lot of human precision involved. Therefore, it makes sense to deploy an automated or even more efficient version of stock-taking so that you don’t have to invest every hour of the day in making sure all is up to date, and everything is in place.

Taking stock doesn’t have to be an ordeal. With TouchStock via Till Point, you can make sure to check prices as you go and carry out checks and stock analysis whenever you need to. There’s no need to go back out of the house or deep into the warehouse. Everything you will need to know and need to keep track of is right here at your fingertips. Simply link Touchstock to your Android device, and you can easily monitor your own hand-held stock control system with you at all times.

And, with price check, Touchstock will quickly let you know if you are charging the right amounts to your customers.

Therefore, should any customers have queries regarding products or items you may hold behind the scenes, all you will need to do is check your TouchStock app, and you can confidently set expectations and answer a myriad of different questions.


Touchstock for retail

Retail staff are reliant on knowing as much about their stock as possible. Unfortunately, in a fast-moving world, complete knowledge is not always so easy to call upon – especially when you will likely have many other plates to juggle at once! With little to no effort, tally the amount of stock you have left thanks to your very own hand held stock control software. And don’t worry about having to go through everything you have in the back! You can easily do a partial stock take to make things quicker and easier, as well as reliably check deliveries whenever needed.


Choose Till Point and Link Touchstock stock management– for Smarter Stock Takes

Till Point is pleased to work with a variety of different systems and software to help make things easier in the retail and leisure industries. We understand that people working with stock regularly will need to keep their wits – and plenty of data – about them!

That’s why we are always working hard to make retail checks and procedures as simple as possible. If you have never thought about making use of an ePOS system or an app such as TouchStock before, our team will be more than happy to offer you as much detail as you need.

Make sure to call us now for more details, or do take a look at our further packages and features available.