Rehman & Sons – Barcode Scanner
Rehman & Sons – Barcode Scanner

Rehman & Sons – Barcode Scanner

Rehman & Sons, located on Abbeydale Road in Sheffield, is a convenience store which stocks a range of household goods and groceries. 

Rehman & Sons wanted a fast, accurate and up-to-date Epos system for their convenience store, that would keep the queues down but was also accurate on stock reporting.

They also required a quick barcode scanner, that could scan all their products in store and then produce shelf edge labels for those products.

Rehman & sons wanted specific requirements on their tills such as multi-buy and Buy One Get One Free offers.

We programmed all the specific offers into the system so that, at the push of a button, the correct price is recorded. This saves time when staff are selling such items with no mistakes.

The customer also wanted price check facilities so that they could do accurate stock checks and place orders accordingly, again saving time for the staff and having satisfied customers.

The shelf edge label facility means that our customer produces automatic labels from the system, eliminating any wrong pricing on display.

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