Peter Cusworth Deli - Weighing Scales
Peter Cusworth Deli - Weighing Scales

Peter Cusworth Deli - Weighing Scales

Peter Cusworth Butchers and Deli is an award-winning butcher based in South Yorkshire. Founded twenty years ago, they have been happily serving their scrumptious local beef, pork, lamb and chicken ever since.

Peter called our team to discuss Epos systems and weighing scales for his business. He required an Epos till linked to a weighing scale with a barcode scanner. This enabled him to sell items that have barcodes as well as products without barcodes.

He also required products to be sold as weighed items, enabling the staff to press a product key e.g. meat, which has a price set per kilo. The product is then placed on the weighing scale, which then relays the weight back to the Epos unit and works out the exact price.  This avoids incorrect input of price and weight.

We demonstrated the functionality of the Epos equipment and all the features it has to offer, to make sure Peter was getting exactly what he wanted for his business.

Peter was happy with the demonstration of our equipment and asked us to go ahead with programming. Our programmers set up the system to exactly the Peter's specification and successfully met the requirements.

We can set up Epos systems with weighing scales to improve the service of your business - just let us know!

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