Lavang - Table Plan Facility
Lavang - Table Plan Facility

Lavang - Table Plan Facility

Lavang, an Indian restaurant located in Fulwood Sheffield, provides guests with a unique and exceptional experience. Lavang first opened its doors in 2017, supplying customers with food devised and created by their executive chef from a menu that cannot be found anywhere else.

Lavang first got into contact with our team after seeing our company on social media. They required a fast and accurate Epos system for their new restaurant, with a table plan facility that allowed the staff to store drinks whilst the customer is waiting for their table, and then to be able to move those orders across to the specific table when required.

Our team demonstrated the equipment to Lavang showing all the added facilities which would be beneficial to the business. During the demonstration our engineer explained the table plan facility in more depth.

Lavang were happy with the demonstration and asked our engineers to go ahead with programming the equipment to their specification.

Adding a table plan makes it easier and less time consuming for staff. They can view which tables are free to take the waiting customers to without having to walk around the restaurant first.  

We set up the table plan which showed empty tables in green and occupied tables in red. The facility was also able to show a ‘bill’ next to a table. This indicates to the staff that the customers had received their bill and that table would become free shortly.

Lavang also required an accurate customer reservation system. The system we created allows the staff to enter the reservation details of the customer accurately and clearly onto the system. This prevents any double bookings or mistaken identity of customers.

In 2018 we set-up and programmed a hand-held unit for the busy restaurant. The hand-held ordering pad allows staff to take orders from the customer table electronically.

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