How Could Integrated Credit Card Machines Benefit Your Business?

While plenty of people still pay for food and drinks with cash, the need and want to pay with plastic has never been greater. Even in a world where so many of us are using our phones to pay for meals, it’s safe to say the majority of us pay in restaurants with credit cards or debit cards. That being said, is your restaurant already making use of integrated credit card machines?

As you may know already, Till Point supports integrated financial systems for retail, leisure and hospitality. Our EPOS systems help you to manage customer experiences that little more smoothly. What’s more, it means you get to keep a tighter grip on your revenue, as well as how you may be performing in any given period.

We’d like to introduce credit card integration to our EPOS customers. We’re rolling our portable card machine functionality into our landmark systems, meaning it’s never been easier for you to process card payments. Are you doing enough to help customers pay flexibly when it’s time to clear the bill? Consider setting up a Paymentsense card machine via your own EPOS.


Portable Card Machine

Pay At Table Integration

We all pay for meals in different ways. However, one of the most convenient ways for customers to settle the cost of a meal is, of course, for waiting staff to come to them! Once a table is finished eating and drinking, you can simply bring the portable card machine over to them.

When a customer requests to pay the bill, it makes sense to meet them wherever they feel most comfortable. The flexibility of using credit card machines ad hoc means there’s no fumbling around. Customers can use simple credit card integration to view the total due, add a gratuity, and enter their PINS.

This means that it’s not only easy for them to clear their bills, but it’s also simple for you to manage who’s paying for what. The whole point of an EPOS is to help keep things simple for consumers, and to keep all your crucial data collected in one place.

Why not use credit card machines to allow your guests to pay at the table? If you’re not already asking them to pay while seated, there is every reason why you should.


Bar Tillpoint EPOS System

Pay At Counter Integration

Of course, many people prefer to pay at the till. There is no harm in this! What’s more, some customers may wish to pay upfront for their meals and drinks. This may not be something that your restaurant currently supports.

However, with credit card machines integrating at the bar or till, it’s easier to manage payments pre-meals. This means that you can record on your EPOS that a table is already settled, and that you can continue to provide service elsewhere.

Credit card integration at the till or bar is fixed. Therefore, unlike portable machines which you can use to take to tables, this system will affix to your main EPOS. It’s simple to use and will also ensure that your books update instantly.

Traditional tills and service points are likely to be much more inefficient. While plenty of people can already pay for meals and drinks via card, an integrated credit card machine will process data via EPOS, making sure your books and takings are always updating.

Using a Paymentsense card machine won’t just make things easier on you. By tying a credit card machine into your EPOS, you are instantly making things smoother and more efficient for your customers. As a rule, your customers will want to sit down and enjoy their food and drink with minimal fuss. EPOS and card machines work together seamlessly to help keep the experience straightforward and smooth-running at all times.

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EPOS Innovations from Till Point

We’re thrilled to bring so many great EPOS innovations to our customers and clients. While we’ve mainly looked at restaurant impact in this article, it is also safe to say that credit card integration will help to keep retail operations running smoothly and efficiently, too.

We’re pleased to help thousands of businesses take greater control of their financial operations, as well as their customer experiences. If you are still using older till or payment processing systems , it’s time to start looking at how you can make the paying experience that little more streamlined.

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