EPOS Ecommerce Integration to Help You Stay on Track With Online Orders

Are you looking to boost your sales with an all-singing, all-dancing online store? Ecommerce has come a long distance in the past decade – and with EPOS ecommerce integration, you can help to make your customer sales experience run that little bit more efficiently.

If you’ve ever struggled to get several heads of the same operation to communicate with each other, the answer will likely lie in EPOS integration. With fantastic software available through Till Point, you can keep your online store communicating with your in-house teams as and when consumers demand.


online shoppingWhat is EPOS ecommerce integration?

It’s a common misconception to believe that EPOS simply revolves around in-store sales and service. While that may have been the case initially, the world of EPOS innovation has evolved massively to encompass online sales, too. If you have a small shop or are scaling up your e-commerce operation, it makes sense to ensure both your online and offerings communicate seamlessly.

Seamless integration of your online and in-store sales through Till Point means that you receive orders as soon as they’re processed online, in-house. Your warehouse staff can pick and fulfil orders once they’re paid for. You’ll have complete access to stock levels, too – meaning that your customers are never left hanging waiting for items that simply don’t exist.

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Can I use any ecommerce builder with EPOS?

Till Point’s ecommerce integrated EPOS works with three of the leading names in online sales – namely, PrestaShop, Magento and WooCommerce.

A WooCommerce EPOS link-up, for example, is ideal for online stores built and maintained through WordPress. This is a standard that’s easy to scale up and down, and is therefore appealing to small and large businesses alike.

PrestaShop integration, meanwhile, will likely appeal to a broad international audience of buyers. This ecommerce standard is available all over the world and supports an impressive 60 languages!

Magento, too, is widely used and relied on worldwide. It’s highly customisable – and when integrated with an EPOS through Till Point, you can be sure that you and your customers are always clear on what’s happening with their purchases.

Crucially, we design and implement EPOS for ecommerce platforms used by hundreds of thousands of stores. Providing you have the store ready to go, we’ll offer you the tools you’ll need to hook up and start capturing the details you desire.


What are the benefits of EPOS ecommerce integration?

Integrating EPOS with ecommerce can benefit you regardless of where you are in your revenue journey. If you’re just starting out, it can help to ensure you’re clear on where orders are coming from – and what you need to ship – from the very beginning. For experienced retailers and ecommerce providers, integrating could change the way you efficiently manage customer expectations for good.

Let’s take a look at a handful of EPOS / ecommerce partnership benefits that may just unfold for you in the months and years to come.


Orders are picked and dispatched efficiently

Rather than keeping your customers waiting, online orders can be handled and fulfilled within a matter of minutes following their online checkout. There’s no waiting around to see if a product’s been confirmed for delivery. Your warehouse team or stock experts can check levels with EPOS in seconds, and can effectively manage expectations.

This means you can efficiently inform buyers that their products have been dispatched within a faster timeframe than you may otherwise anticipate. It’s great news for buyers who may choose to shop elsewhere if they can’t guarantee their items are handled and delivered within a speedy enough timeframe.


It keeps everything working to one standard

There’s nothing more infuriating than losing track of orders, stock, and potentially letting customers down. When you integrate your ecommerce store with your EPOS and physical setup, there’s no need for reams of confusing paperwork. There’s no need, even, for separate programs or spreadsheets to make matters all the more muddling.

Beyond this, you can be sure that the answers you get from one device are the same answers you’ll get elsewhere. With everything working from the same standard EPOS, there’s clear communication across all channels. This makes for less chance of human error, and ensures that all team members are working to the same expectations.


You can access your online orders from anywhere

If the idea of managing an ecommerce store puts you on edge, don’t let it. With EPOS ecommerce integration, you’re able to keep track of who’s ordering which items from any applicable device and app. You may use a mobile app on the shop floor, a fully-fledged setup in your back office, and a mobile unit running the same EPOS in your warehouse.

No matter where you access the data from, it’ll all be ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’. That means you’re alerted to orders and can keep track of your online store’s performance on the go, too. It’s understandable that any sales operation is likely to be highly frantic – why confuse or complicate matters further?


Let EPOS deliver

ecommerce integration

EPOS ecommerce integration – whether it’s through WooCommerce EPOS linkups or otherwise – can help to ensure your physical operation and online store are in-tune. This means there’s no need to separate your bricks-and-mortar store from your online offering. That’s all the more appealing to online buyers, and can help to create a fabled ‘omnichannel’ shopping experience.

More and more shoppers are blending their online and offline experiences together. Therefore, it makes sense for stores and retail operations to better manage their orders through an integrated EPOS. You’ll save time, build revenue, and can continue providing a fantastic service to your customers. Beyond that, you’ll be saving headaches and countless hours for your team working the shop floor and warehouse, too.

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