Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

INSPECTION. Customer acknowledges that they have had an opportunity to personally inspect the equipment and find it suitable for their needs and in good condition, and that they understand its proper use. Customer further acknowledges their duty to inspect the equipment prior to use and notify Till Point ltd of any defects or programming errors immediately.

REPLACEMENT OF MALFUNCTIONING EQUIPMENT. If the equipment becomes unsafe or in disrepair as a result of normal use, Customer agrees to discontinue use and notify Till Point ltd who will replace the equipment with similar equipment in good working order, if available. Till Point ltd are not responsible for any incidental or consequential damages caused by delays or otherwise.  

WARRANTIES. Customer agrees to 1 year’s warranty cover for the new equipment installed at their premises. This warranty cover starts on the date of installation and expires the following year. It is the Customers responsibility to contact Till Point ltd before the 1-year warranty expires to extend their warranty cover. Failure to contact Till Point ltd, will mean that the equipment will not be covered under maintenance and all work carried out in the future will be subject to charges.

PROHIBITED USES. Use of the equipment in the following circumstances is prohibited and constitutes a breach of this contract.

Use for illegal purpose or in illegal manner

Use when the equipment is in bad repair or is unsafe

Unproper, unintended use or misuse

Use by anyone other than the Customer or their employees, without Till Point ltd written permission.

Use at any location other than the address on documentation, without Till Point ltd written permission. 

LOANS AND RENTAL OF EQUIPMENT. Till Point ltd may assign their rights under this contract without Customers consent but will remain bound by all obligations herein. Customer may not sublease or loan the equipment without Till Point ltd written permission. Any purported assignment by Customer is void.

TIME OF RETURN. Customers right to possession terminates on the expiration of the rental period (“Due In” Date & Time) and retention of possession after this time constitutes a material breech of this contract. Any extension must be mutually agreed upon in writing by both parties.

LATE RETURN. Customer agrees to the return of rented goods during Till Point ltd regular trading hours, upon expiration of the rental period (“Due In” Date & Time). Customer agrees that if the rented goods are held beyond the expiration of the rental period (“Due In” Date & Time) as designated in the contract, the daily rate as indicated on the contract shall be the agreed contractual rate for the entire period, notwithstanding any lesser periodic rate.

DAMAGED, INOPERABLE OR LOST EQUIPMENT. Customer agrees to pay for any damage to or loss of goods, as an insurer, regardless of the cause, except reasonable wear and tear, while the goods are out of the possession of Till Point ltd. Customer also agrees to pay for replacement equipment if deemed inoperable when returned to Till Point ltd. Equipment lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair to be paid for by the Customer at its current list price. The cost of repairs will be borne by the Customer, whether performed by Till Point ltd, or, at Till Point ltd request, by others.

TIME OF PAYMENT. Accounts are due and payable on receipt of invoice without prior notice or demand. If any amounts under this contract are more than 3 days late, Till Point ltd has the right to recall the equipment and collect from the customers premises without prior notice. The Customer will then be liable for all outstanding rental and administrative costs. If rental payments are not set up on Standing Order, the Customer acknowledges the rental fee will be increased as per the agreement.  

REPOSSESSION. Upon failure to pay fees including rental costs or other any breach of this contract, Till Point ltd may terminate this contract and take possession of and remove goods from wherever they are, and Till Point ltd and their agents shall not be liable for any claims for damage or trespass arising out of the removal of goods.

COLLECTION COSTS. Customer agrees to pay all reasonable collection and court fees and other expenses involved in the collection of the charges or enforcement of Till Point ltd rights under this contract.

TERMS OF LOAN. The term for all rental equipment is ongoing for a minimum of 6 months. The loan will automatically be renewed on 1st each month (“Due In” Date & Time) until the Customer notifies Till Point ltd of the intention to terminate the loan 30 days prior to the termination date. If Customer does not inform Till Point ltd 30 days prior to termination the Customer will be charged for the month rental fee. The Customer shall keep and maintain the rented equipment during the terms of the rental. The customer shall keep the rented equipment in good state of repair, normal wear and tear expected. Accidental damage caused by acts of negligence such as spillages, screen damage and breakages are not covered under this agreement and will result in additional costs.

TERMS OF CLOUD FACILITY. Customers shall pay for the Cloud Back Office facility on (“Due In” Date & Time) of each month. If any amounts under this agreement are 3 days late, the Cloud Back Office facility will become inoperable. Once inoperable, the Customer agrees to pay a reactivation fee to regain access to the facility. Failure to pay fees beyond the due date can result in the Cloud Back Office facility being terminated. Once the Cloud Back Office facility is terminated the Customer can no longer use this service or retrieve any data. Therefore, under this contract, the Customer agrees to pay the rental fee on (“Due In” Date & Time) each month to avoid further charges and loss of data. 

PROGRAMMING & SOFTWARE USAGE. The Customer acknowledges that they have had an opportunity to inspect programming work carried out by Till Point ltd and find it suitable for their needs. It is the Customers responsibility to ensure all programming work carried out by Till Point ltd is correct and to the standards they expect. Till Point ltd shall not be made liable for the Customers loss of earnings due to programming errors under this contract. If the Customer takes it upon themselves to program the equipment, they must ensure they have knowledge and understanding of the work they are carrying out themselves. The Customer agrees to pay a reasonable fee for any programming errors, software malfunctions or loss of information due to misconception which Till Point ltd must rectify.    

TECHNICAL SUPPORT. The Customer acknowledges that Till Point ltd are available for technical support during the normal operating hours. The Customer understands that any technical support required out of Till Point ltd normal operating hours will be dealt with in due course.

BACK UP OF DATA. The Customer agrees they are liable for not backing up data on their equipment. Till Point ltd are not responsible for any Customer who does not, unintentionally or unknowingly forget, to back up their data. Due to the GDPR regulations it is up to the Customer to ensure all data is accurate, up to date and secure. Therefore, Till Point ltd highly recommend Customers to back up their data daily in the event of any mishaps or investigations into GDPR breaches.

PAYMENTS MADE OVER THE PHONE. The Customer acknowledges that a screen check is in place for all card payments made to Till Point ltd over the phone. The screen check ensures the Customers details are correct and detects any fraud activity. Till Point ltd never keep customer card details stored on any device. All Customers details remain private and secure when using the card payment service. If any fraudulent activity appears on the customer account, Till Point ltd will always advise customer to immediately contact their bank.

DELIVERY & POSTAGE CHARGES. The Customer understands any items packaged & posted will be charged at standard rate and will be shown on invoice of goods. If the Customer is not within our selected area for delivery, then the Customer acknowledges a fee will be charged upon delivery. The customer also acknowledges that if an account is not set up on the Till Point ltd system, they are to pay for all goods upon delivery either by Cash or Debit Card.    

OVERDUE ACCOUNTS. The Customer acknowledges that if their account is overdue and not paid for within the time frame, Till Point ltd will put a hold on the Customer account, meaning no work is to be carried out until full payment is received. If non-payment continues, the Customer account will then be made into a cash on receipt only account.  

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