Townend Fish Bar
Townend Fish Bar

Townend Fish Bar - Highlighted Receipt

Townend Fish Bar is located at Gleadless Townend hence the name ‘Townend Fish Bar’. They are a well-known and highly liked fish and chip shop.

Townend Fish Bar required a very fast Epos system to keep the queues down during busy periods such as Fridays nights and at the weekends.

Our team demonstrated one of our updated and fast working Epos systems which the Fish Bar required. The engineer then went onto explain to Townend Fish Bar about our highlighted receipts.

After the demonstration, we received a quick phone call back to process the order of the equipment and for our engineers to program the Epos system to their requirements. Townend Fish Bar also went ahead with the receipt ticket which highlights specific customer requirements – Gluten Free and allergies etc. They had this in place to prepare the correct food on time without making the customer wait longer for special dietary requirements.

Townend Fish Bar also requested to have a large rear display unit to show their customers the price and products of their order.  Therefore, customers can tell staff of any wrong inputs that are on the rear display screen in time before they finish preparing their food.

There is also an advertising facility on the rear display which we can program for you to let your customers know about your offers.

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