The Lilypad Cafe/Restaurant
The Lilypad Cafe/Restaurant

Lilypad Cafe - Handheld Ordering

The Lilypad café opened in November 2015 and has been busy since day one. The owners were inspired to open the café while working in Melbourne, where they were introduced to a new culture and appreciation of food. They’ve since transported this new-found passion around the globe, back to their hometown of Chesterfield.

The Lilypad Café contacted us in need of a fast, modern and up to date Epos system which wasn’t going to let them down during the front of house service. They required the system to be linked to a printer in the kitchen to send customers’ orders through for the chefs to start preparing.  

The Lilypad Cafe/Restaurant also wanted a pair of hand-held electronic ordering pads to allow orders to be taken at the front of house without confusion between the servers and the chefs.

Our team demonstrated the functionality of the epos equipment and all the features it has to offer, to make sure The Lilypad was getting exactly what they wanted for their business.

The Lilypad Café were impressed by the demonstration and asked us to go ahead with the programming. Our programmers set up the system exactly to their specification.

The next step was the installation, then linking the front of house till to the kitchen printer and setting up the hand-held pads to sync with the till.

The staff were also trained fully in how to use the system and the hand-held order pads, ensuring the smooth running of that part of the business. We also installed our Cloud Back Office software, giving them the freedom of accessing their business performance from any phone, table or computer at any time of the day or night.

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