Thai Thai Ka - Language Options
Thai Thai Ka - Language Options

Thai Thai Ka - Language Options

Located in Broomhill, Sheffield, Thai Thai Ka is an authentic Thai restaurant. The Thai cuisine is created using the finest ingredients imported directly from Thailand together with the best of local produce.

Thai Thai Ka contacted our office looking for fast epos systems for their restaurant in Sheffield. They required a fast Epos system that wasn’t going to let them down during front of house service. Another requirement was for the till to translate the orders through to the kitchen printer in Thai language for their chefs.

The restaurant also wanted hand-held electronic ordering pads to allow orders to be taken at the front of house without confusion between the servers and the chefs. They also wanted their hand-held order pads to send through the information to the Till in English for their customers to receive a professional bill that could be split equally down the middle or split for each person’s individual order.

Our team demonstrated the functionality of the epos equipment and all the features it has to offer, to make sure Thai Thai Ka was getting exactly what they wanted for their business.

Thai Thai Ka were impressed by the system and its functionality and gave us the go ahead for programming. Our programmers set up the system to exactly the customer's specification and successfully met the translation requirements.

The next step was the installation, then linking the front of house till to the printer in the kitchen and setting up the hand-held pads to sync with the till.

We can satisfy any language translation requirements for your business in the same way, just let us know and we can help.

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