Tagg Lane Dairy
Tagg Lane Dairy

Tagg Lane Dairy - Ice Cream Parlour

Tagg Lane Dairy are a small family owned and operated ice cream parlour in Bakewell.  They produce their own raw milk from grass-grazed cows in the most natural way dairy products can be produced. All their products are handmade using the finest ingredients to produce the finest products.

Tagg Lane Dairy got in touch looking for an Epos system which would benefit their ice cream parlour and shop.

As they were looking for a fast turnaround, our team quickly arranged a demonstration for Paul and his family on how our system works and how it could be programmed to their specification.

The family agreed the Epos system would be the right choice for them as it is simple and easy to use and beneficial to their business.   

Our engineers got to work ordering a new system which was programmed to their specification within a couple of days.

Once the Epos system was full programmed, our engineers arranged a time best suited for the business to deliver and install the equipment. Our team were also on hand to till train staff on how to use the Epos system. We also provided them with a step-by-step guide on how to use and program the system if needed.

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