Guilthwaite Nurseries - Long-range Scanner
Guilthwaite Nurseries - Long-range Scanner

Guilthwaite Nurseries - Long-range Scanner

Guilthwaite nurseries are a family run garden centre in the heart of Rotherham. They provide high quality and excellent value plants, garden accessories and seasonal products. 

Guilthwaite Nurseries contacted our team looking for an Epos system suitable for their type of business.

As Guilthwaite Nurseries includes an outdoor garden centre with an indoor shop, they required a ‘long-range’ barcode scanner to accompany their system.

The ‘long-range’ barcode scanner enables staff to scan the outdoor items [plants, hanging baskets, plant pots etc] without becoming disconnected from the till.

For example, with the ‘long-range’ barcode scanner, staff at Guilthwaite Nurseries are able to walk around the outdoor garden centre scanning products customers requested. These products will then appear on the Epos system ready for staff to finalise the sale.

Although the barcode scanner is ‘long-range’, it can only reach a certain distance before being disconnected from the till. However, this isn’t a problem, because as soon as the scanner is back in range the Epos system will pick up the products which were still being scanned whilst out of range - Brilliant!

Our team went to Guilthwaite Nurseries to demonstrate the equipment and show how it would benefit their business. Guilthwaite Nurseries were more than happy with the demonstration and asked our engineers to start programming their products onto the system.

Our engineers fully programmed the Epos system to Guilthwaite Nurseries specification – creating and adding their logo onto the receipts and screensaver of the system too!

Before installation, our team tested the ‘long-range’ barcode scanner to inform Guilthwaite Nurseries of the exact distance it could reach without being disconnected from the till.

The following day we delivered and installed the epos system, printer and barcode scanner. Our team were also on hand to till train staff on how to use the Epos system and equipment. 

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