Great Gatsby - PHS - Public Update
Great Gatsby - PHS - Public Update

Great Gatsby - PHS - Bar Public Update

Picture House Social 

"Picture House Social is an independent venue with music, cocktails, craft beer, Italian inspired street food, games room and terrace."

PHS were looking to upgrade their equipment we installed several years previous. Due to our systems serving them for several years without any problems they came back to us for their new and updated Epos systems.

Our team of experts introduced PHS to our new ‘stylish’ piano black Epos systems which are far more up to date looking than the previous equipment we installed. 

As stated previously, we had already installed equipment several years earlier and so programming was simply just a tidy up of their original spec. 

Great Gatsby 

"Situated right in the heart of Sheffield, The Great Gatsby is a veritable chameleon of a bar. It's a night time snug with a truly vast liquor range. It's a weekend party bar with the best music and 3am license. The kitchen has become the home of Shy Boy Cantina, street food experts serving the best in Mexican inspired dishes. It's got one of the only beautifully sunny beer gardens in the city center."

 Just like PHS, Great Gatsby also wanted their Epos systems to be up to date and ‘on-trend’. Again, we introduced them to the new ‘piano black’ range of equipment which would fit in nicely with the surroundings of the Great Gatsby bar.

The Great Gatsby had a few programming changes made to their original spec which didn’t take our engineers long to get sorted. Once the changes were made our engineers arranged a time to run through the new changes and how the updated system worked.

Bar Public 

“Bar Public is an underground speakeasy-style bar that has been carved out of the former public toilets that have lived underneath Sheffield’s Town Hall since the 1890s. Serving deli food, cocktails and drinks, Bar Public is perfect for those little get-togethers.”

Bar Public first opened its doors in Autumn 2017 and since then have had many interviews and been nominated for several awards. Bar Public's most recent award was for the best food bar by CLASS awards.

When Bar Public first opened, we installed our Digi-Pos hand-held system (see our case study here…) Since we installed the Digi-Pos system, Bar Public have become extremely popular with tourists as well as locals. Therefore, they wanted something a little bigger and little more robust to keep up with the flow of customers.

We introduced them to our Partner Pat-120 system with a built-in printer. This option was great for the business as the system was still able to fit behind the small bar. Not only that, but the system looks modern (fits in well with its surroundings) and was programmed to look exactly like the previous Digi-Pos which made things 1000 times easier for staff!

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