Gracie's Shakes - Dessert Parlour
Gracie's Shakes - Dessert Parlour

Gracie's Shakes - Dessert Parlour

“Gracie's Shakes is a family run Milkshake and cake delivery service, covering the Barnsley area. Serving fresh homemade cakes, waffles, pancakes, speciality milkshakes & smoothies!”

Recently opening in January of 2019, Gracies Shakes needed a fast and reliable Epos system to keep up-to-date with the fast flow of customers during their busiest periods. The family run business got in touch with us after seeing our website and the case studies we had done in the area.

Our team arranged a demonstration of the equipment for Gracies Shakes outlining the positives to having a touch screen for the business. The Gracie's Shakes team were delighted with the demonstration and had quickly sent over their products ready to be programmed onto the system.

Our engineer quickly got on with programming as we knew we had a tight deadline to meet (Gracie's Shakes were opening in less than a week). Our engineers added drop-down menus for things such as ‘DIY shakes’ making it easier for the staff to find. We always ensure products can be easily found on the system, especially when it’s an extremely busy business like Gracie's Shakes!

Once our engineer had finalised the programming spec, we were able to arrange a date for installation and staff training prior to Gracies Shakes opening day! We were able to train all members of staff before their grand opening and we also left them with our programming manual for any extras they wanted to add in the future!

Have a look below at Gracies Shakes…

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