Eroica Britannia - Bike Festival Weekend
Eroica Britannia - Bike Festival Weekend

Eroica Britannia - Bike Festival Weekend

‘The worlds most handsome bike ride’ Eroica Britannia is a family festival and bike ride event set in the wonderful Peak District National Park that celebrates heritage, the best of food & drink, outfitting & style, craftsmanship, music & entertainment with the joy of cycling leading the way.

Chiara got in touch months before the event was to take place asking if we could provide them with Epos systems for the duration of the festival. Of course, we said yes, and kept in contact with the team throughout the entire process prior to the installation date.

Our engineers demonstrated our Epos systems and explained how each system could be set up for each part of the festival. For example, we were able to set up Epos systems with a bar spec and ones with a retail spec for different selling points at the festival.

Chiara was pleased with the demonstration and how we could set up different specifications for each areas of the festival, that she went ahead and requested 15 Epos systems for the event.

We set up each Epos system to the exact specification Chiara has requested to ensure the festival ran as smoothly as possible.

On the day before the festival, our engineers delivered and set up each Epos system to the corresponding areas Chiara had requested. This was to ensure everything was in the correct place before the event started the following day. Our engineers also provided staff training on how to use the system and were always available via phone if any problems were to occur.

The festival was an enormous success and Chiara and her team were extremely pleased with the service we provided throughout the process.

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