Davis's Fresh Bake - Prompts
Davis's Fresh Bake - Prompts

Davis's Fresh Bake - Extras/Prompts

Davis’ Fresh Bake is a new bakery shop in Chesterfield run by husband and wife. They sell a range of products from sandwiches to cakes and drinks.

The customer contacted our team looking for a simple yet accurate Epos system for their new business venture.

We were able to demonstrate our equipment here at the office whilst Davis’ Fresh Bake was in the process of being created. Our team were able to show Davis’ Fresh Bake prompts which could be added to the type of products they sell. For example, prompts for staff to ask the customer when placing their order such as: 'Brown or white bread?' 'Salad or no salad?' This makes it easy for the staff to get the correct order first time and they don't forget to give the options available.

Both husband and wife were delighted with the system and how it was beneficial to their business. They gave our engineers the list of products along with prompts to program onto their chosen system.

Once Davis’ Fresh Bake had been renovated our engineers delivered and installed the equipment before their grand opening date. Our engineers also trained the staff on how to use the system and explained the prompts.

We can add any prompts to as many products as you like for your business.

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