CODE: Automatic Price Changes
CODE: Automatic Price Changes

CODE: Automatic Price Changes

CODE: is Sheffield’s Award-Winning Nightclub in the Heart of the City Centre! They host several events like CHAOS – Sheffield’s Most Chaotic Tuesday Night, Student Saturdays, Jump Around – all drinks £1.50 and 90’s warehouse raves.

As CODE: were long standing customers of ours and were happy with the support given, they decided to proceed with buying new Epos systems outright.

Our engineer went on-site to demonstrate the up-dated models of the Epos systems they were currently using. We explained the new improvements of our Epos systems and how the system would benefit the nightclub.

CODE: were delighted with the demonstration - and because they knew of our previous service – they were more than happy to proceed with the order of 14 Epos Touch Screen systems.

Our engineers got straight onto programming the systems to the customer's specification. We made a few changes as required and added on ‘discounts’ to drinks on certain days. For example, they host an event called 'Jump Around Thursdays' where all drinks are £1.50. This is programmed into the till, so on each Thursday all drink prices are automatically changed to £1.50 and then revert to their original price the following day.

We can add certain ‘discounts’ and ‘offers’ to set days and times if required – just let our engineers know and we can get this programmed for you!

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