Castle Park - Cash Register to Epos
Castle Park - Cash Register to Epos

Castle Park - Cash Register to Epos

“Castle Park – The home of Doncaster Knights Rugby. Castle Park Conference and Function centre is a multimillion-pound development and is among the top conference venues in Doncaster, while remaining a supportive place for amateur rugby in the Borough.”

Castle Park have been a customer of ours since the early 2000’s, previously owning our Cash Registers until late last year when they decided to up date and modernise their venue. The chairmen of the site had been in contact with our team for a few months explaining the refurbishment and how they wanted to upgrade their equipment to fit in with new modern technology.

Due to Castle Park expanding and becoming the host for various occasions including weddings, conferences, rugby games etc… the cash registers simply could not meet the businesses high expectations and so they had to be replaced with our touch screen Epos systems.

Some members of staff admittedly said they were nervous to use the new systems as they were so used to the ring through tills. However, once our engineers demonstrated how much easier it was to use the Touch Screen Epos systems the members of staff couldn’t wait to get them installed on-site!

Because the Epos systems can hold a lot more products than a simple cash register, Castle Park were then able to devise a proper product list including everything they needed. Once the product list had been finalised by chairmen of the park, it was then passed onto our team for programming. Whilst our engineers were on with programming, Castle Park then put together their members list to be added to the system also. 

Castle Park didn’t have a deadline for installation which gave us plenty of time to ensure everything was programmed correctly to the specification given. Once the programming had been finalised, we then arranged an installation date prior to the weekend with the chairmen in order to do staff training onsite whilst the 15 Epos systems were being installed. This allowed any members of staff to ask questions and get a feel for the new updated tills before Castle Park opened for business that weekend.

All members at Castle Park are delighted they decided to up date their systems making their business run smoother and more effectively. They have even added our Cloud Back Office software to keep track of all sales revenue and historic data. Not only that, but a few weeks later we produced over 1,000 membership cards with DRFC logo on to give out to their members! 

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