Antenna - Card Swipe Units

Antenna Media Centre, a business centre, located at the heart of the Creative Quarter in Nottingham. Since Antenna opened in 2009, they’ve played a vital role in developing creativity in businesses across Nottinghamshire and beyond. Antenna hire out their facilities to accommodate parties, meetings, events and much more.

As Antenna had previous equipment from us in the past, they got back in touch with us asking for a demonstration on how our updated Epos systems work with the loyalty card facility and the benefits of having Cloud back office software. Our team were able to demonstrate the equipment the following day at a time which conveniently suited Antenna.

Antenna were exceptionally impressed with the Epos systems and informed our engineers to go straight ahead with programming the systems ready for installation.  

We were able to provide everything Antenna needed, from the hardware to the software and rear-display units too!

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