W-Italian Bar & Restaurant 

“W Italian – bar and restaurant located in Wickersley, offering the finest authentic food and a grand selection of wines from Italy.”


The Background

We installed our first EPoS systems and Electronic Hand-Held Ordering Pads for W-Italian back in early 2018. Electronic Hand-Held Ordering pads are a great way of taking table orders quickly and efficiently without the need for pen and paper. As W-Italian are well-known establishment in the Wickerlsey area, hand-held ordering is crucial for their business.


Our Plan of Action

Having installed our EPoS systems back in 2018, it was time for an upgrade of hardware and software to improve efficiency and productivity within the restaurant.

During the upgrade of EPoS equipment, we also provided W-Italian with rear-display units to allow them to upsell to their customers. Our support team also linked the new Hand-Held Ordering pads to the EPoS systems for seamless integration, faster table service and precise order taking.

Since early 2018, we have helped supply EPoS equipment for W-Italian situated in Rotherham. We are proud to work alongside all the team at W-Italian and will continue to work with them to provide the best service possible.

You can find our post about our install for W-Italian on our Facebook & Instagram @tillpointepos