Village Fisheries

“Village Fisheries – A traditional Fish & Chip shop serving the local community in Dronfield.


The Background

Village Fisheries have been a local customer of Till Point Ltd since the early 2010’s. Having Sam4s equipment with the Sam4s software, we provided the customer with support and Till Roll deliveries.


Self-Service Kiosk

Our Plan of Action

Village Fisheries are a traditional fish and chip shop serving the local community only the best fish and chips. With that said, they are becoming busier during the evenings and weekends due to their impeccable service and ‘top notch’ food.

Village Fisheries require rapid and user-friendly EPoS systems linked up to Dojo Card Terminals for ease of use. We replaced their old Sam4s units with new updated EPoS systems, running the new 2023 software. In addition to new EPOS systems, we installed our first ever Self-Service Kiosk to allow customers to order their food and pay via card without having to wait around in queues to place their order with the server.

Since our install, our support team have been on hand to offer advice and support when needed.
We are proud to work alongside Village Fisheries and will continue to work with the team to provide the best service possible.

You can find our short video about our Self-Service Kiosk install on our Facebook & Instagram @tillpointepos