Steelers Sports Bar

“Steelers Sports Bar – The official bar for the Sheffield Steelers Ice Hockey Team. The bar consists of 14 Snooker, 8 Pool, 3 Nine ball tables, 3 Dart Boards and 15ft Sports Screens.”


The Background

Steelers Sports Bar are a new and local customer of Till Point.
The customer came to us as their existing equipment simply could not meet their busy demands, so decided to upgrade and replace with our new EPoS Touch Screen Systems.


Our Plan of Action

As the Steelers Sports Bar have multiple sporting activities, they require a robust and updated system to keep track of food and drink sales as well as bookings on tables and VIP areas.

We installed 3 EPoS touchscreen systems with rear-displays linked to a Kitchen Video; allowing the chef to see the orders on screen. In addition to the EPoS systems, they also have our Cloud Back Office Reporting software. This software offers the Steelers Sports Bar a range of reporting which they were not able to do previously.

Furthermore, we have recently just finished a bespoke app for the bar which allows their customers to access their menu from a mobile device whilst sat at the table; meaning they don’t miss out on the game!

We are happy the Steelers Sports Bar have chosen Till Point to be their new EPoS providers.

Here’s what the Steelers Bar had to say about us “Really happy with the level of service and professionalism from Steve and Travis at Till Point, both over the phone and in person. Adding the Table App has reduced our bar waiting times, providing a more positive experience for both customers and staff. Highly recommended!”