Nomination Italy

“Nomination Italy – Nomination is an Italian jewellery brand founded by Paolo Gensini in 1987. Nomination Italy are renowned for their signature link bracelets and charms.”


The Background

In 2022, we installed our first EPoS system for Nomination in Trinity Walk Shopping Centre, Wakefield. Nomination wanted an EPoS System linked to the Dojo Card Terminal with basic retail features that enabled staff to process a quick and easy sale.


Our Plan of Action

Since the opening of their Wakefield shop in 2022, Nomination have rapidly expanded across the UK with sites and kiosks popping up all over the country.

Nomination requires rapid and user-friendly EPoS systems linked up to Dojo Card Terminals for ease of use. Having kiosk stalls in the middle of shopping centres, it is vital the EPoS systems for Nomination are up to speed and straightforward – especially for certain events like Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas when they are exceptionally busy.

Since early 2022, we have helped supply EPoS equipment for Nomination in shopping centres across Wakefield, Sheffield, Leeds, and Newcastle.
We are proud to work alongside Nomination and will continue to work with the team to provide the best service possible.

Here’s what Nomination Wakefield had to say about us – “Fantastic service would highly recommend Till Point.”