Night Club
Night Club

What makes Till Point the perfect choice for Night Clubs & Cocktail bars?


In a Nightclub, we understand that speed of service is vital. Our Epos till system is optimised to be able to sell your entire product range with the minimum of key presses. Clear, uncluttered Epos systems, with the option of images instead of text, further enhance the overall speed of operation.

Below, we detail some of those that will specifically benefit your nightclub…




Till Point and PocketTouch - Simple, handheld ordering

  • Paper-free food and drinks ordering
  • Takes payments at the table
  • Sends information from table to chef in seconds
  • Improves service times and reduces mistakes


Customer Loyalty

Till Point and TouchLoyalty - Add-on customer loyalty software designed to complement TouchPoint.

Happy customers come back time and time again so it makes sense to work out what they want.

  • Capture customer details
  • Monitor customer spending habits
  • Plan and deliver promotions
  • Points/cash rewards


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