Cafe & Bistro
Cafe & Bistro

What makes Till Point the perfect choice for Cafes & Bistros?


Till Point, using TouchPoint software, gives you a flexible and feature rich range of products. Below, we detail some of those that will specifically benefit Cafes & Bistros.

Table Management

  • Program Table Plans or Table Numbers: Using either the table plan layout or table number, the Epos system can incorporate multi floor levels / areas - great for those customers sitting in!
  • Real Time Status: allows you to know if the table is in use or if the customer has requested a bill etc
  • Reservation Diary: tables can be booked & deposits taken, even months in advance - great for those baby showers or coffee mornings! 


  • Stock Monitoring and Sale Restrictions: hosts the ability to see on screen what stock you have of certain products - great for letting your customers know how many cakes are left!
  • Hand-held Ordering Devices: using 'PocketTouch', your waiting staff can take orders directly at the table - meaning less waiting around time for those sitting in or taking out! 

Lead Thru Prompting & Up-selling

  • Automatically Prompts Staff: for extra options on drinks such as 'milk, sugar, sweetener' etc...  
  • Encourages Staff to Up-sell: prompts staff to ask about other options you have i.e coffee & cake for £3 or fruit & juice offers etc... 

Customer Loyalty schemes

  • Administers Loyalty Discounts: by adding our 'TouchLoyalty' it allow members to receive discounts or accrue points on purchased items that can be redeemed later against future purchases i.e buy 5 coffees get your 6th one free! 

 Menu Programming

  • Drop-down Options: For products such as 'Breakfast Pancakes', you can have a drop-down menu of all the 'pancake toppings' without having to search for them on the screen!

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