Upgrading Systems
Upgrading Systems

Upgrade – Cash Register to Epos

Looking to upgrade?

Is your till system keeping your business from being productive, cost-effective and secure? Then it's time for an upgrade... 

Our touch-screen EPOS systems are optimised to be able to sell your entire product range with the minimum of key presses.

The 15" touch-screen is clear, bright and colourful which makes it easy to read and navigate - not like those cash register keyboard sheets!

You don't have to worry about working the EPOS system either - your staff need very little training to get up to speed and you'll receive our manual too!


Take the Wybourn Hotel for example...

The new landlord, Craig, realised the benefits a new EPOS system would bring to his business. Not only is he able to receive over-the phone support but he can use our manual to help with any programming he wishes to carry out himself. With the new up-dated EPOS system, Craig can now keep a tighter control on staff security, has reduced customer waiting time and can also retrieve his sales data very accurately and efficiently.